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20CV35030 – Hiller-Webb, Tyvoll v Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI)

Court Media

3/25/2022Summary Judgement Hearing[MP3 Audio - 36.3 MB] [FTR Archive - 40.4 MB] [YouTube]

Court Documents

11/11/2020Proof[PDF] Service
11/20/2020Answer[PDF] and Affirmative Defenses
12/1/2020Answer[PDF] Amended
1/26/2021Order[PDF] Appointing Judge Hodson as Motions Judge
7/16/2021Hearing - Trial Readiness
7/16/2021Order[PDF] Trial Readiness Conference
12/9/2021Motion[PDF] Summary Judgement (SWNI)
12/9/2021Declaration[PDF] Simon Whang
1/11/2022Motion[PDF] Summary Judgement (Tyvoll, Hiller-Webb)
1/11/2022Declaration[PDF] Hiller-Webb
1/11/2022Declaration[PDF] Tyvoll
1/11/2022Declaration[PDF] McLaughlin
1/11/2022Declaration[PDF] Peck
1/24/2022Notice[PDF] Association of Counsel for Rian Peck
2/14/2022Declaration[PDF] Support of Motion for Sitting Judge for Summary Judgement
2/14/2022Motion[PDF] Sitting Judge for Summary Judgement
2/14/2022OrderGranting motion
2/17/2022Response[PDF] SWNI
2/17/2022Declaration[PDF] Whang
3/25/2022HearingSummary Judgement
6/23/2022Call9AM Presiding Judge