21CR00416 – State v. Chandler Pappas

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CountChargeStatueSeverityDate FiledPleading
1Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
2Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
3Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
4Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
5Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
6Unlawful Use of Mace I163.213C Felony1/7/2021
7Criminal Trespass While in Possession of a Firearm164.265A Misdemeanor1/7/2021
8Burglary I164.225A Felony1/7/2021
9Riot166.015C Felony1/7/2021

Court Filings

1/5/2021Information[PDF] [TXT]
1/5/2021Order – Setting Bail Security[PNG – no ID]
1/14/2021Assignment – Trial JudgeJudge Geyer Assigned
[PNG – No ID]
1/21/2021Hearing – Status Check
1/26/2021Hearing – Pre-Trial Release[PDF]
1/26/2021Order – Recognizance Security Conditional Release[PDF – No ID]
1/28/2021Notice – Bail
2/4/2021Acknowledgement[PDF – No ID]
2/4/2021Motion[PDF] Seeking modification of pretrial restrictions to move to Arizona
2/4/2021Amended Order for Release[PDF – No ID]
2/5/2021Order[PDF – No ID] (Order rescinding the amended release order entered 2/4/2021 and reinstating the 1/26/2021 order)
2/18/2021Hearing – Pre-Trial Release
2/18/2021Order[PDF – No ID] (Order allowing move to Arizona, specifies pre-trial conditions in Clackamas County case)
2/24/2021Waiver of Extradition[PDF]
3/5/2021HearingWaiver of Extradition Language
WebEx 971-323-0609 Conference 488 505 97#
3/5/2021Waiver – Extradition[PDF – No ID]
5/27/2021Hearing – Status Check8:15 AM