A175559 – Ngo v. Rose City Antifa, Bolen, Hacker, Belyea, Evans, Allen


Related cases: 20CV19618 (Appeals Court)

Appeal of Judge Dailey’s denial to Bolen’s Special Motion to Strike (Anti-SLAPP motion)

Court Filings

DateFilingFiled ByInformation/Documents
3/5/2021Initiating Document - Notice of AppealBolen[PDF]
3/5/2021Notice Received - Transcriptionist/Reporter Assigned[PDF]
3/8/2021Notice Received - Proof of Service (Amended)Bolen[PDF]
3/22/2021Notice Generated - Acknowledgement and Deficiency Letter[PDF]
3/22/2021Action - Accepted by Settlement Conference Program[PDF]
3/23/2021Initiating Document - Notice of Appeal (Amended)Bolen[PDF]
3/23/2021Notice Received - Proof of Service (Amended)Bolen[PDF]
3/25/2021Notice Generated - Acknowledgement and Deficiency Letter[PDF]
4/7/2021Notice Generated - Acknowledgment and Deficiency Letter[PDF]
4/26/2021Order on Court's Own Motion[PDF] Reactivating and Removing Case from Settlement Conference Program. Transcripts from Multnomah Circuit Court due May 26, 2021

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