• Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

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"Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it." Lysander Spooner

Month: August 2020

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Yet another apology

Once again, I want to put out an apology that some may say isn’t needed. I’ve wanted to follow the court cases of protesters who have been arrested by PPB…

ADA Press accessibility concerns.

Some of you may remember that I got injured by the LRAD at the East Precinct the night of the 6th when it went off too close to me and…

Police state surveillance

In the news of all the police beatings and arrests of protesters, press and legal observers, I have the opportunity to share something a little more heartwarming. News of a…

A background on the theory of press passes and the public space

Over the last few month and a half (it feels like a year by this point), I’ve been approached by a number of people concerning the concept of citizen/independent journalists…