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The intent of this page is to make a public record of case numbers and current information on cases that may be of particular public interest and align with the focus of research and reporting with Raindrop Works.  No claims of accuracy are being made, and all all information can be verified by anyone either through PACER (for federal cases) online or OECI (for county cases) either online or in person at any county courthouse.

Case numbers that have links will open up to show any articles we’ve written that reference the case in question.

State Court Cases

Civil Lawsuits (Multnomah County Court) – 2020 Protest related

Case NumberPartiesClaimRecent Activity
20CV19783Elias v. City of Portland$250,000July 29, 2020 – Judge Souede assigned
20CV19838Lake v. City of Portland$450,000July 29, 2020 – Judge Baggio assigned
20CV19839Farley v. City of Portland$950,000Sept 18, 2020 – Plaintiff attorney withdrawn
Judge Matarazzo assigned
20CV19840Michaels v. City of Portland$250,000Sept 9, 2020 – Judge Roberts assigned
20CV19842Legett v. City of Portland$450,000July 29, 2020 – Judge Lopez assigned
20CV19978Green v. City of Portland$100,000
Sept 18 – Motion to strike defendants affirmative defense
Judge Marshall assigned
20CV20062Fuller v. City of Portland$250,000July 29, 2020 – Judge Hodson assigned
20CV21115Bouchard v. City of Portland$550,000Oct 5, 2020 – Judge Ramras assigned
20CV21297Montgomery v. City of Portland$250,000July 29, 2020 – Judge Baggio assigned
20CV28964Weisdorf v. City of Portland$530,000Sept 30, 2020 – City served
20CV34331Lundbom v. City of Portland$100,000
Return of siezed vehicle and property
Oct 21, 2020 – Judge Lucero assigned
20CV34904Josephs v. City of Portland, Portland Police Bureau, John Does 1-3$300,000Oct 8, 2020 – Complaint filed
20CV35050Christiansen v. City of Portland$505,000Oct 12, 2020 – Complaint filed
20CV35811Campbell v. City of PortlandMultiple arrestsOct 15, 2020 – Complaint filed
Lawsuits against the City for actions by the Portland Police Bureau

Case NumberPartiesClaimRecent Activity
20CV30113McLain v. Swinney$250,000Oct 1, 2020 – Defendant served
20CV32941Lee, Seaver, Bassi, Lewis v. Swinney, Wyatt, Willis, Does 1-50$1,250,000Oct 1, 2020 – Swinney Served, Wayatt and Willis Unserved
Lawsuits against individuals for protest related actions

Class Action/Non-tort Lawsuits against the City

Case NumberPartiesAllegationsRecent Activity
20CV27116ACLU, Protester #1 v. City of PortlandIllegal recording of protected activity by policeSept 15, 2020 – Protective Order for confidential evidence
20CV23349Evans, Lake, Oliver-Grey v. City of PortlandClass ActionOct 7, 2020 – Case reinstated after return from Federal court

City employees suing the city

Case NumberPartiesAllegationsRecent Activity
20CV25605P.L. v. City of PortlandSexual assaultAug 13, 2020 – City served
20CV30742Hollins v. City of PortlandRacial discriminationSept 5, 2020 – City unserved

Public Interest Cases

These cases, while by no means exhaustive, are cases and status information for cases that have been of particular public interest within our audience over the past few months. Most are criminal charges related to protest figures both BLM and Patriot Prayer/Proud Boy related.

Case NumberPartiesChargeRecent Activity
18CR43660Toese v. OregonAssault 4Oct 21, 2020 – Sentenced 6 months in jail.
20CR38792Wyatt v. OregonFleeingNov 30, 2020 – Pre-trial conference (with allegations of probation violation and related to ongoing federal case)
20CR45800Jernigan v. OregonUnlawful Use of Weapon (x3)
Menacing (x2)
Reckless Endangerment (x2)
Discharging Firearm (x2)
December 17, 2020 – Arraignment scheduled
20CR46273Love v. OregonAssault 2
Nov 4, 2020 – Arraignment scheduled
20CR50067Swinney v. OregonAssault 2 (x2)
Assault 4
Unlawful use of tear gas (x2)
Unlawful use of a weapon (x3)
Pointing a firearm at another
Oct 19, 2020 – Pre-trial release denied, call scheduled for Nov 11, 2020
20CR52704Wolfskill v. OregonRobbery 3 (DA)
Assault 4 (Cited)
Nov 5, 2020 – Plea hearing
20CR53571Parker v. OregonBias Crime 1
Assault 4 (x2)
Robbery 3
Nov 4, 2020 – Plea Hearing
20CR58015Groshong v. OregonFailure to Perform Duties (x2)
Assault 3
Official Misconduct 1 (x3)
Official Misconduct 2 (x3)
Oct 26, 2020 – Arraigned
December 14, 2020 – Call scheduled

‘Cider Riot’ case

In 2019, a group of Patriot Prayer members antagonized a group of black bloc individuals at Cider Riot in downtown Portland and received a variety of charges as a result. The cases were consolidated, even though some cases have already been closed, and that’s why they will still be listed here.

Case NumberPartiesChargesRecent Activity
19CR53042Gibson v. OregonRiotOct 23, 2020 – Motion to Compel hearing
Oct 29, 2020 – Call
19CR53035Schultz v. OregonRiotOct 29, 2020 – Call
19CR53040Lewis v. OregonRiotOct 29, 2020 – Call
19CR54815Kramer v. OregonRiotOct 29, 2020 – Call
19CR50007Kramer v. OregonAssault 2
Unlawful use of a weapon
attempt to commit Class B felony
Unlawful use of a weapon
Use of Mace 2
Disorderly Conduct 2
Oct 29, 2020 – Call
19CR50009Cooper v. OregonDisorderly 2
Dismissed (see 19CR53038 below)
19CR53038Cooper v. OregonRiot (guilty)3 year probation, including no participation at any unpermitted protest
19CR53033Ponte v. OregonRiot (guilty)
Reckless Endagerment (dismissed)
3 year probation, including no participation at any unpermitted protest

Campaign Finance Reform/Government Transparency

Case NumberPartiesDisputeRecent Activity
20CV07772Buel v. CaballeroFailure to enforce campaign finance lawsOct 26, 2020 – Call re: motion to strike (WebEx available)
20CV16533Innarone, Ross, Delk and Ofsink v. Friends of Ted WheelerCampaign Finance ViolationAug 31, 2020 – Response to motion for dismissal
20CV32953Friends of Ted Wheeler v. CaballeroFines for alleged campaign finance violationOct 2, 2020 – Auditor office served
20CV34116State ex rel. Ofsink, Woolley, Friends of Sarah for Portland v. CaballeroFailure to enforce campaign finance lawsOct 23, 2020 – Hearing on Writ of Mandamus
Nov 4, 2020 – Estimated date Writ to be returned
20CV34813Friends of Ted Wheeler v. CaballeroFines for alleged campaign finance violationOct 15, 2020 – Auditor office served
Court cases dealing with campaign finance violations in Portland’s 2020 mayoral campaign

Case NumberPartiesGovernment AgencyRecent Activity
20CV34926Reyna v. City of PortlandPortland Police BureauOct 10, 2020 – Complaint Filed
20CV35030Tyvoll, Hiller-Webb v. Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.Portland Office of Community and Civic LifeOct 12, 2020 – Complaint Filed
Court cases dealing with government transparency and public record laws

Federal Cases

At the moment, all the federal cases I’ve been able to keep track of are available on this page. We’ll work on updating as time allows.