• Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

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"Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it." Lysander Spooner

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Schmidt versus the Patriot Prayer

This analysis was requested by a reader on Twitter, and it has been a case that I’ve wanted to get a better handle on, but with everything on my plate,…

Bailey Stalking Order Upheld

Editor’s Note: Scanned documents and audio files of the court hearings are at the bottom of the article In the background of the racial equality protests and white supremacy counter…

Court Case Wrap Up, Nov 13

This week has been a lot of self-recovery and time in bed (still not sure what I got hit with. Not sick, just -incredibly- tired). But some things have been…

Marquise Love Pleads Guilty

This is a breaking story, in the next few days we hope to have more information. As reported on Andy Ngo’s Twitter (yes, I know …) Marquise Love was sentenced…

Court Case Wrap-Up, Election Edition

There’s been so much going on already just in the last few days that I have to give an update halfway through the week just to keep track of the…

Court Case Wrap-up, October 30

A breakdown of new cases and updates on old cases that we're actively watching.

Arraignments and Privilege

Last night I wrote about the arraignment of retired Portland Police officer Scott Groshong, one of the rare instances where it seems that a police officer in Portland could face…

Police Officer Indictment

a police officer might actually have consequences for their actions

Court Case Wrap-up, October 23

one of the rare times when a Portland Police officer is actually facing charges for actions taken in the line of duty

Swinney Release Hearing Audio

I've already announced through Twitter/Mastodon, but I have obtained the audio transcript for the release hearing from Monday for Alan Swinney, where his release was denied. As these are public…