ADA Press accessibility concerns.

Some of you may remember that I got injured by the LRAD at the East Precinct the night of the 6th when it went off too close to me and at possibly too high a volume. Combine this with other accessibility concerns that I have had as a disabled member of the press and the Read more about ADA Press accessibility concerns.[…]

The unspoken cost of police brutality

So, I’ve just taken a peek at all the civil suits against the city for crimes committed against citizens in the course of protests, and at this time, not counting class actions, the city could be on the hook for up to $2.9 million, plus interest and attorney fees. For police brutality. @PortlandPolice won’t pay Read more about The unspoken cost of police brutality[…]

Third class action case against City of Portland for police brutality

I’ve been incredibly busy as of late, and most of my focus has been on the Twitter and live stream side of things, including some research projects, but I wanted to take a moment to share some good news. Shortly after the Portland protests started, a class action case, Don’t Shoot PDX v City of Read more about Third class action case against City of Portland for police brutality[…]

State of the revolution, June 15th

by Heather-Lynne Van Wilde So, today’s been a bit of a wild day.  Last night the police unilaterally decided that when they declare a protest an ‘unlawful gathering’ and close down miles of downtown, that the press is not allowed inside.  Of course, if press did leave, there would be essentially zero oversight of any police Read more about State of the revolution, June 15th[…]

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