Arraignments and Privilege

Last night I wrote about the arraignment of retired Portland Police officer Scott Groshong, one of the rare instances where it seems that a police officer in Portland could face actual consequences for actions that occurred while on duty. I just received the audio recordings of his arraignment hearing earlier today, and while I hadn’t really thought about it before now, I’m both surprised and not surprised at the level of privilege that a retired cop is given in the courts.

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First run of arrest data (not entirely accurate based on new data)

Editor’s note: this article was originally based on this tweet thread from July 9th 2020. Since then, we have learned that the Portland Police’s press releases were riddled with errors, and with new research tools available, we are in the middle of recompiling the data using court records. This process is more time consuming, but […]

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Third class action case against City of Portland for police brutality

I’ve been incredibly busy as of late, and most of my focus has been on the Twitter and live stream side of things, including some research projects, but I wanted to take a moment to share some good news. Shortly after the Portland protests started, a class action case, Don’t Shoot PDX v City of […]

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