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About Raindrop Works Publishing
This is a small time production that I do as a way to get my creative juices flowing and to support other hobbies of mine, such as DMing Pathfinder games.  Anything that I publish here is free to access, but I do ask to be let know if you plan to republish my work in another forum.

Some books may one day be made available for printing in dead tree format, but if so, the plan is to do them at cost.

Of course, donations are always welcome through the options on our "Support Us" page at the top of the screen.
Pathfinder Supplement Books
These are books I've written (with help) to expant the Pathfinder tabletop game with a new world, Anicrux.

The Anicruian Codex
Other Writings
Other writings and publications can be found here.  These stories and books are generally pubished under some form of Creative Commons.

Elysium Rebirth
Recent Publications
8 Aug 2019
The Anicruian Codex has gone through major updates again, but is still a work in progress
28 May 2018
Elysium Rebirth - A tale of Eisian gynoid lost to time, is found again