Supporting Raindrop Works

Supporting Raindrop Works
As I've mentioned several times already, Raindrop Works in intended to provide it's content free to the public.  But since this is the closest I'm able to come to 'work' because of disabilities, any support is greatly appreciated.  Donations would primarily go towards offsetting bandwith and server costs, and may even allow upgrades to certain things, like dedicated hosting for Minecraft, or even other games!

Of course, financial assistance is not mandatory, but if you want to, go ahead and look at the options I have on the sidebar.
Donation Options
The information here may still show Raindrop's old name Puddle Zone.  I'm still trying to fix it.  Donate here
Still a work in progress, but a great option for a one-time donation.  Donate here
Also a work in progress, but a great option for a monthly donations.  Donate here