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21CN02356 – State v. Chandler Pappas

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CountChargeStatueSeverityDate FiledPleading
1Contempt of Court/Punitive33.065Unclassified1/14/2021Not Guilty

Court Filings

5/21/2021Complaint[PDF - TXT]
5/21/2021Affidavit - Arrest Warrant[PDF TXT]
5/21/2021Affidavit - Probable Cause[PDF TXT] to support continued detention of defendant
6/3/2021ArraignmentSet per defendant's inbox request
6/3/2021Warrant - Cancelled or Recalled or Rescinded
6/3/2021Order - Recinding Warrant
6/3/2021Order - Appear[PDF TXT]
6/3/2021Letter - Representation[PDF]
6/3/2021Motion - Pretrial Discovery[PDF]
6/4/2021Warrant - Return Not Served[PDF TXT]
6/17/2021Hearing - Trial Readiness8:35 AM