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  • A breakdown of Anarchy as Order flyers

    In a recent livestream I pointed out how the, previously unknown to me, Anarchy as Order Twitter account (@anarchyasorder) had apparently tried to align themselves with Raindrop Works and noted public records and rights lawyer Alan Kessler and heavily imply that we were working with them, a detail which only came to light as they […]

  • The State of Raindrop Works

    This is an editorial. All views and statements made are the personal words of the editorial staff. Please treat this accordingly. If you’re reading this page, most likely you know that the entire Raindrop Works network was offline for a few days this week, with a static front page with a letter from me trying […]

  • A word on Mike, Alan and Chandler

    I was criticized in private by a member of the community for daring to use Mike Reinoehl and Alan Swinney in the same tweet as an example of how the justice system uses and hides charging documents (indictments and warrants) in certain cases. The claim was that I was comparing the two directly, and I […]

  • Total Recall 2021

    Total Recall 2021

    Newly seated Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan ran on a platform of that included divesting the Portland Police of more of it’s budget, stating “We have to find ways to follow up on the $15 million cuts to the Portland Police budget with even more substantial cuts.” On the night of October 28th, protesters, angry about […]

  • All Lives Matter is a lie

    All Lives Matter is a lie

    I know, shocking, isn’t it. This is part of a thought train that I had last night before going to sleep, and I didn’t trust myself to write it out then, and now I’ve forgotten the other half of it. Obviously, All Lives Matter came out as a counter to Black Lives Matter, because white […]

  • A Word on Philadelpha

    A Word on Philadelpha

    While I have lived in Portland for the last 8 years, I grew up in Pennsylvania. About an hour north of Philly just outside of Allentown. When I thought of the nearby large city, it was always Philly. My dad used to work there. I have a partner that lives there now. Even though my whole family moved away from the area when I graduated high school in 2000, it’s still where I grew up. I didn’t know the racial history of the area like I should have, and I don’t know if that was ignorance on my part, or because I was privileged to grow up in a 99% white area.