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  • State ex rel versus the City

    State ex rel versus the City

    While we may never know how many people called in and joined the WebEx meeting for a remote hearing on a case that normally would have drawn little attention, the amount of chatter it generated on Twitter afterwards suggests that it well could have been a packed courtroom in non-pandemic days.

  • Yet another apology

    Once again, I want to put out an apology that some may say isn’t needed. I’ve wanted to follow the court cases of protesters who have been arrested by PPB (and ideally the feds as well), but when I made the decision, I didn’t anticipate the mountain of work that I’d be fighting against. PPB, […]

  • A background on the theory of press passes and the public space

    Over the last few month and a half (it feels like a year by this point), I’ve been approached by a number of people concerning the concept of citizen/independent journalists and press passes. A large part of it is undoubtedly the fact that I actually produce press passes for independent journalists (shameless plug here for more […]

  • First run of arrest data (not entirely accurate based on new data)

    Editor’s note: this article was originally based on this tweet thread from July 9th 2020. Since then, we have learned that the Portland Police’s press releases were riddled with errors, and with new research tools available, we are in the middle of recompiling the data using court records. This process is more time consuming, but […]

  • Third class action case against City of Portland for police brutality

    I’ve been incredibly busy as of late, and most of my focus has been on the Twitter and live stream side of things, including some research projects, but I wanted to take a moment to share some good news. Shortly after the Portland protests started, a class action case, Don’t Shoot PDX v City of […]

  • A background on citizen Press, and the Portland Police Bureau

    “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” ― Lysander Spooner So, this has been a few days in coming, but I wanted to get some other groundwork laid down before I started trying to put this together.  It may be a work in progress page, and I may move […]