The unspoken cost of police brutality


So, I’ve just taken a peek at all the civil suits against the city for crimes committed against citizens in the course of protests, and at this time, not counting class actions, the city could be on the hook for up to $2.9 million, plus interest and attorney fees. For police brutality. @PortlandPolice won’t pay for it. @MultCoSO won’t pay for it. The Portland Police Association won’t pay for it. You know who will? Us. This comes out of -our- taxes. -Our- parks and recs budgets, the cities general fund. Believe me, this is not a condemnation of the protesters. It’s a damning critique of the police, and their complete lack of accountability. #DefundPolice not only will put money back into the community to address things that cause crime, but with less misconduct lawsuits, the taxpayers would also save money.

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