Marquise Love Pleads Guilty


This is a breaking story, in the next few days we hope to have more information. As reported on Andy Ngo’s Twitter (yes, I know …) Marquise Love was sentenced today to 20 months in jail for attacking a truck driver outside the Justice Center earlier this summer.

The hearing was late today, and while I cannot independently verify the sentence at this time, court records do show there was a plea and sentencing hearing with judge Ramras late this afternoon. Mr. Ngo has reported that he was sentenced with Assault 3 and Riot, which if so, would be a reduction from the Assault 2, Coercion and Riot that he was originally charged with.

Court records are generally scanned and available to me within a day or two of a hearing, and I’ve already requested audio of the hearing. Once I have them I’ll be able to give more information.

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