State of Raindrop Works


I wanted to take a few minutes to apologize for the lack of updates this month. I have to admit that I’ve had a bit of a rough go physically, and what energy I’ve had has been put into other projects.

Some may not know that Raindrop Works was never intended as a news organization, but was originally supposed to be a creative outlet for me as well as something of a maker’s program, using 3D printing and such. Court reporting and advocacy has been something of an unexpected side effect.

That said, I have started ramping up the maker side of things, getting a new 3D printer recently and working on fine tuning some things. I’d like to see myself being able to make things for the community at a lower price compared to places like Shapeways, but that is still currently supposed to be secondary to the work that I’m known for.

And it’s time I get back to some of that work. It’s been almost a month since I properly reviewed a lot of court cases, and there are a lot of things that have changed. That said, I am hoping to do a review over the next couple of days as well as some documentation dumps of particular cases that are of renewed public interest. So keep an eye out for a bit of a flurry of posts coming.

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