Chandler, a Timeline


Normally, we don’t like dedicating a complete page to a single person, but with the complexity of this story and the varied threads, a lot of people have been confused about what’s happened when. The goal here is to try to create a cohesive timeline to help clear up confusion.

My information comes primarily from Oregon public court records, and I have limited information about actions in other states. If others have information about legal proceedings outside of the state, please feel free to contact me and I’ll see about adding it to the timeline.

  • 2015
    • Feb 12 – Convicted of a misdemeanor for ‘unlawful possession of a firearm’ (case CR1412813). Specifics of the case are not readily available, but part of the sentence was one year probation with no firearms. That probation would have expired in Feb of 2016
  • 2020
    • May
      • Allegedly a vehicle is damaged by Chandler, starting a later misdemeanor case in 20CR49079 (PDF)
    • August
      • An uncle of Chandler files a protective order in Multnomah County, alleging threats and assaults against him earlier in the month. The restraining order was approved in case 20PO07287 (PDF). A firearms restriction order was included with the restraining order, but it wouldn’t go into full effect until service by police.
    • September
      • On the 9th, charges were filed in the 20CR49079 case, with arraignment set for the 30th. A failure to appear warrant was issued after he failed to show for arraignment. (PDF)
    • October
      • On the 5th, Clackamas County deputies file with the court in 20PO07287 that they did not serve the order because he ‘doesn’t live or work at address provided; no response to 10 day letter’ (PDF)
    • November
      • Chandler is arrested on the Sept 30th failure to appear warrant and cited to report for arraignment on Dec 16th (PDF)
    • December
      • 16th – Chandler is arraigned on the misdemeanor charge for ‘criminal mischief’ (20CR49079). Court records do not show any firearm restrictions put in place with pre-trial release conditions.
      • 21st – In Salem, (Marion County) allegedly attends a demonstration at the state capital building where a number of crimes are alleged to be committed in case 21CR00416.
      • 26th – In Clackamas County, he is allegedly in possession of a firearms silencer in violation of state law. This eventually starts case 21CR11527.
  • 2021
    • January
      • 5th – Charges are filed in case 21CR00416, including one Class A misdemeanor, 7 Class C felonies and one Class A felony. Bail was set for $250k due to ‘public safety risk’. This is the first time since 2016 we have records showing a firearm restriction. (PDF – Charges), (PDF – Bail)
      • 11th – Marion County deputies serve the August 2020 restraining order while he’s incarcerated pre-trial (PDF). At this point his firearm restricts from the restraining order would have gone into affect.
      • 26th – Chandler is released from pre-trial custody, with restrictions on out of state travel, firearms, or being within 1/4 mile of any demonstrations (PDF)
    • February
      • 4th – Chandler’s attorney files a motion requesting permission for his client to move to Arizona, where he reportedly has a relationship, work and housing already available to him. Initially permission is granted, then quickly revoked due to the need to coordinate with Clackamas County in their case. (PDF)
      • 18th – The finalized order allowing him to move to Arizona is approved, with conditions requiring him to sign an approved ‘waiver of extradition’ before leaving and confirming pre-trial restrictions in the Clackamas Case (PDF)
      • 23rd – In Clackamas County, a grand jury meets to approve a secret indictment in case 21CR11527, on the allegations of him having an illegal silencer in December. The indictment itself isn’t filed for almost two weeks after. (PDF)
    • March
      • 5th – Final language of the waiver of extradition is approved by Marion County court. (PDF)
      • 8th – A secret indictment is filed in Clackamas County on the alleged actions in December 26th (PDF)
      • 15th – Chandler is arrested in Pinal County, AZ, on a ‘fugitive from justice’ warrant. The next day he is released on bail, with an indictment date set for the newest 21CR11527 case. (PDF)

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