Court Case Wrap Up, Nov 24

Another week or so, and another slew of updates in court cases. I’ve had a bout of something wrong between medication issues and time changes so I haven’t been able to pay as much attention as I should have the last few days. Thankfully, court records are somewhat eternal. So without further delay, let’s go […]

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Picture of Dixie Bailey in Multnomah Courthouse, taken from her Parler account

Bailey Stalking Order Upheld

Editor’s Note: Scanned documents and audio files of the court hearings are at the bottom of the article In the background of the racial equality protests and white supremacy counter protests taking place in Downtown Portland and throughout the rest of the country and world are other stories that normally would seem mundane and unrelated. […]

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Court Case Wrap-Up, Election Edition

There’s been so much going on already just in the last few days that I have to give an update halfway through the week just to keep track of the stories that I still have to write (and there will be stories coming forward). So without further ado, here’s the recent courthouse news! State Court […]

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Alan Swinney release hearing

The more I think about what happened today, the more I realize that not a whole lot actually happened. But there were some interesting bits that came up.
It had been my first time in the new courthouse that has just opened up in the last few weeks. Have to say, it was a lot less claustrophobic than the old one was. Courtroom was definitely built with the expectation that people don’t care about what happens in our justice system. Where courtrooms before could hold dozens of people in the gallery, this one had four benches, maybe fifteen or so people comfortably. With COVID restrictions, five people was starting to push the limit. The view from the 17th floor was amazing though, looking out over Naito Parkway, and the waterfront, and the bridges, it actually reminded me a bit of the first time I ever visited this town, seeing its beauty when it was lit up at night, and I knew eventually I wanted to move here.

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Transcription of MCSO addendum recommending Swinney -not- be released at this time.

Editors note: Part of this document notes that the Close Street Supervision department doxxed Mr. Swinney’s home address, potentially putting him and roommates at risk. It is worth noting that for this reason, we purposefully redacted this information in our previous transcript. You’re welcome, Multnomah County Sheriffs Office. No redactions are needed in this letter […]

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Transcription of MCSO recommendation to allow Swinney release on pre-trial supervision

Editors Note: While the records public record, I am redacting small portions of information to prevent doxxing. Any edits from the original text will be noted in italics. Filed with Multnomah County Court Oct 13, 2020 CSS (Close Street Supervision) RECOMMENDATION: Accept The court referred the defendant, Swinney, Alan, to Close Street Supervision (CSS) for evaluation only. After […]

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