Swinney Release Hearing Audio


I’ve already announced through Twitter/Mastodon, but I have obtained the audio transcript for the release hearing from Monday for Alan Swinney, where his release was denied. As these are public records, I’m making them available to the general public, in the original ‘For The Record’ player format as well as an MP3 that does not require any special tools.

For The Record player

The company makes available a downloadable player, available here, as well as a web player available here. The uncertified, official records are available here:

Name: 20CR50067-20201018-ReleaseHearing-FTR.zip
Size: 23583984 bytes (22 MiB)
CRC32: 3D27B7EF
CRC64: 099017C9FB5F9749
SHA256: DE920275D48883490E2E5C13D07FFE9656548C4B7FF1E9E8EBE861C4A5727912
SHA1: 9F6D25A739255A5B3C70EC9DD7F51F9B8DCC48CF
BLAKE2sp: 34456CE1B1449BB40B11EFF655BE92465F17DF95A8D8588712A3393B6CEE6CAB

MP3 Version

I went ahead and converted the audio to an MP3 version for universal listening without any proprietary software.

Name: 20CR50067-20201018-ReleaseHearing-FTR.mp3
Size: 26619024 bytes (25 MiB)
CRC32: 2EBC08A1
CRC64: D9197F26844EBC62
SHA256: BBEEDA4D4C5FFCB2668CF51210BD9DEF90ABC0519F10DA20B5CD055D5374FB5A
SHA1: 122F3B4FB533715841FC8D2E1DAE35C5B7525F2B
BLAKE2sp: C01C6EE9A0CE0385B312E65C9FED4D9199DB1A3581F6DBAF711A8AFEEAB67104

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