19CR53042 – State v Joseph Gibson


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CountChargeStatueSeverityDate FiledPleading
1Riot166.015C Felony8/12/2019Not Guilty


Court Documents

8/12/2019Secret Indictment[PDF]
8/12/2019Affidavit[PDF] (Unsealed per court order 8/30/2019)
8/12/2019Motion[PDF] Sealing
8/12/2019Order[PDF] Sealing
8/18/2019Agreement[PDF] Security Release
8/19/2019Warrant - Return of Service[PDF]
8/19/2019Motion[PDF] Recognizance Release
8/19/2019Order - Appear[PDF]
8/19/2019Order[PDF] State's Motion to Disclose Copy of the Sealed Information to Defendant
8/22/2019Indictment[PDF] Indictment
8/26/2019Notice - Representation[PDF]
8/26/2019Motion - Out of State Attorney[PDF]
8/26/2019Affidavit - Compliance[PDF] Support of Pro Hac Vice
8/27/2019Order[PDF] Granting Motion for Admission of Attorney Pro Hac Vice
8/27/2019Order - Appear[PDF]
8/28/2019Notice - Representation[PDF] Pro Hac Vice: D Angus Lee
8/28/2019Motion[PDF] To unseal
8/29/2019Motion - Pretrial Discovery[PDF]
8/30/2019Order[PDF] Unsealing affidavit, warrant, charging instrument
9/18/2019Motion[PDF] Order modifying Joseph Gibson's Release Agreement
9/18/2019Order[PDF] Modifying Defendant's Release Agreement
9/23/2019Motion - Consolidate Cases[PDF]
9/24/2019Motion - Pretrial Discovery[PDF]
9/24/2019Motion[PDF] Compel the State of Oregon to file list of witnesses
9/24/2019Order[PDF] Granting State's motion to consolidate cases for trial
9/26/2019Order - Postponement[PDF]
10/7/2019Order[PDF] Set over Call from 10/25/2019 to 2/28/2022
10/8/2019Memorandum - Response to Motion[PDF] State's response to Defendant's Demurrer
10/25/2019Motion[PDF] Bill of particulars or election
10/25/2019Memorandum - Reply[PDF] Demurrer
12/30/2019Motion - Pretrial Discovery[PDF]
1/3/2020Motion - Compel Discovery[PDF]
1/8/2020Motion - Compel Production[PDF] Provide all statements of Co-Defendants to the court
1/8/2020Motion - Sever[PDF]
2/13/2020Order[PDF] Assigning case to Judge Bottomly
2/13/2020Motion - Change Judge[PDF]
2/13/2020Declaration[PDF] In support of motion
2/13/2020Order - Disqualify[PDF] Judge Bottomly
2/18/2020Motion - Continuance[PDF]
2/18/2020Motion - Change Venue[PDF]

[PDF] James L Buchal in Support of Joseph Gibson's Motion to Change Venue

2/21/2021Declaration[PDF] James L Buchal in support of Joseph Gibson's motion to change venue
2/24/2020Objection[PDF] Any nonunanimous verdict
2/25/2020Motion[PDF] Proposed Juror Questionnaire
2/25/2020Objection[PDF] Any nonunanimous verdict
2/28/2020Call - RegularCancelled
3/1/2020Response[PDF] In opposition to Joseph Gibson's motion to change venue
3/1/2020Motion - Protective Order[PDF]
3/5/2020Declaration[PDF] In support of change of venue
3/6/2020Hearing - MotionOmnibus Hearing
4/21/2020Order - Court Protective[PDF] Qualified
6/19/2020Motion - Continuance[PDF]
6/30/2020Motion[PDF] Bill of Particulars
8/26/2020Order[PDF] Re: 3/6/2020 Omnibus Hearing
9/3/2020Motion[PDF] Compel Production
10/23/2020HearingDefendant's Motion to Compel
10/23/2020Exhibit - List[PDF] Election
11/04/2020Motion - Out of State Attorney[PDF]
11/20/2020Order[PDF] Granting motion for continued admission of attorney pro hac vice
3/4/2021Order[PDF] Postponement
4/21/2021Motion - Dismissal[PDF] Selective prosecution and memorandum in support thereof
4/21/2021Declaration[PDF] D. Angus Lee in support
4/21/2021Declaration[PDF] James L. Buchal in support
4/21/2021Declaration[PDF] Joseph Owan Gibson in support
4/21/2021Declaration[PDF] Aubrey Hoffman in support
4/21/2021Declaration[PDF] Russell Schultz in support
4/22/2021Motion - Dismissal[PDF] Corrected motion
5/19/2021Response[PDF] Opposition to defendants motion to dismiss for selective prosecution
6/2/2021Reply[PDF] Dismiss for selective prosecution
6/11/2021Hearing - MotionDefendant's Motion to Dismiss/Discovery
7/26/2021Order - Denial[PDF] Motion to dismiss
9/7/2021Motion - Compel Discovery[PDF] Renewed
9/7/2021Declaration[PDF] D. Angus Lee in support of renewed motion
9/7/2021Motion - Dismissal[PDF] Under Robertson Category Three
9/7/2021Motion - Reconsider[PDF] Ruling
9/14/2021Hearing - Further ProceedingsParties to discuss possible set over
9/15/2021Order - Appear[PDF]
9/24/2021Order[PDF] Assigning Case to Judge
9/30/2021Motion - Compel Discovery[PDF]
10/1/2021CallFor new dates
10/1/2021Response[PDF] To state's motion to compel discovery
10/4/2021Hearing - MotionOmnibus Hearing
10/7/2021Order[PDF] Re: Motions
10/12/2021Exhibit - List[PDF] Election
11/5/2021Order[PDF] Assigning trial to judge
11/19/2021Order[PDF] Re-assigning judge
11/24/2021Motion - In Limine[PDF]
11/24/2021Motion - Reconsider[PDF]
11/24/2021Motion[PDF] Allow filing of grand jury transcript
12/2/2021Hearing - Status Check
12/2/2021Declaration[PDF] Supplemental in support of motion to reconsider ruling
1/3/2022Hearing - Status Check
1/10/2022Call - RegularCancelled
1/13/2022Hearing - Motion
1/14/2022Order[PDF] Sealing court filing
1/18/2022Exhibit - List[PDF] USB
1/28/2022HearingCancelled - Special Jury Panel
1/31/2022Motion - Dismissal[PDF]
2/28/2022Trial - Twelve Person JuryCancelled - Coronavirus Concern
2/10/2022Order - Court Protective[PDF] amended
2/16/2022Hearing - MotionDefendant Gibson's Motion to Dismiss for Discovery Violations

[PDF] sealing FTR record
Editor's note: only 20 seconds of record is sealed

3/16/2022Order[PDF] Re: motions
6/3/2022Memorandum[PDF] Bench memo concerning 6/8/2022 Status Conference
6/8/2022Hearing - Case Management
6/15/2022Memorandum[PDF] Juror Questionnaire Arguments
6/21/2022Motion - In Limine[PDF] #2
6/21/2022Jury Instructions - Proposed[PDF]
6/22/2022Motion - Quash[PDF]
6/23/2022Order[PDF] Juror Questionarre
6/23/2022Order[PDF] Juror Questionnaire
6/24/2022HearingSpecial Jury Panel
6/27/2022Memorandum - Response to Motion[PDF]
6/28/2022Hearing - Motion
7/5/2022Order[PDF] Regarding public access
7/7/2022Motion - In Limine[PDF]
7/7/2022Order - Amended[PDF] Regarding public access
7/11/2022Trial - Twelve Person Jury07/11/2022, 07/12/2022, 07/13/2022, 07/14/2022, 07/15/2022, 07/18/2022, 07/19/2022, 07/20/2022, 07/21/2022, 07/22/2022
7/12/2022Motion - Quash[PDF] City of Portland's Subpoenas Duces Tecum & Memorandum of Law

[PDF] Multiple
(Records linked inside this filing) [PDF] Cover Letter [PDF] Mayor's Submission [PDF] PPB Submission (Redacted)

7/13/2022Order[PDF] Granting defendant's motion to file materials under seal
7/13/2022Order - Court Protective[PDF] Sealing FTR record [Edit: Partial seal]