20CR49079 – State v. Chandler Pappas

Related cases: 21CR00416, 21CR11527, 20PO07287


CountChargeStatueSeverityDate FiledPleading
1Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree164.354A Misdemanor5/9/2020

Court Filings

9/4/2020Information[PDF – No ID] Accusatory Instrument
9/30/2020ArraignmentFTA – Warrant
9/30/2020Order[PDF – No ID] – Arrest Warrant, $25k bond
11/30/2020Warrant – Return of Service[PDF – No ID]
12/16/2020Order[PDF – No ID]
2/8/2021Hearing – Case Management
2/8/2021Order[PDF – No ID]
5/27/2021Hearing – Status Check8:15 AM
7/13/2021Trial – Six Person Jury9:00 AM