20PO07287 – Pappas v. Pappas


Content Warning: Some of the images in these court filings document injuries from blunt weapons, blood, and allegations of verbal threats and actions. Only minimal redactions to protect the petitioner’s contact information has been done.

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Court Filings

8/11/2020Petition - Abuse Prevention[PDF - No ID]
8/11/2020Notice - Filing of CIFCIF, or 'Confidential Information Form', is simply a note to clerks that some particularly personal information is in a separate, non-public, file
8/11/2020Hearing - Initial Appearance
8/11/2020Order - Abuse Prevention Restraining[PDF - No ID] - Content Warning for physical trauma, blood
8/11/2020Firearms Restrictions Ordered
10/5/2020Proof - Service[PDF - No ID] - Court filing is a bit of a misnomer. When one looks at the second page it says it was -not- served.
1/11/2021Proof - Service[PDF - No ID] - Actual service from Marion County