Cases of interest


The intent of this page is to make a public record of case numbers and current information on cases that may be of particular public interest and align with the focus of research and reporting with Raindrop Works.  No claims of accuracy are being made, and all all information can be verified by anyone either through PACER (for federal cases) online or OECI (for county cases) either online or in person at any county courthouse.

Case numbers that have links will open up to show any articles we’ve written that reference the case in question.

State Court Cases

Civil Lawsuits (Multnomah County Court)

Class action/non-tort suits against Portland/Multnomah County

Suits filed for protest injuries against non-government individuals

Government employee suits

City employees suing the city

Other Civil Suits

Other civil cases

Criminal Cases in Oregon

Criminal Cases in Oregon

Cider Riot

In 2019, a group of Patriot Prayer members antagonized a group of black bloc individuals at Cider Riot in downtown Portland and received a variety of charges as a result. The cases were consolidated, even though some cases have already been closed, and that’s why they will still be listed here.

Transparency in Government