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  • Court Case Wrap-up, October 23

Court Case Wrap-up, October 23

one of the rare times when a Portland Police officer is actually facing charges for actions taken in the line of duty

Swinney Release Hearing Audio

I’ve already announced through Twitter/Mastodon, but I have obtained the audio transcript for the release hearing from Monday for Alan Swinney, where his release was denied. As these are public…

Alan Swinney release hearing

The more I think about what happened today, the more I realize that not a whole lot actually happened. But there were some interesting bits that came up. It had…

Transcription of MCSO addendum recommending Swinney -not- be released at this time.

Editors note: Part of this document notes that the Close Street Supervision department doxxed Mr. Swinney’s home address, potentially putting him and roommates at risk. It is worth noting that…

Transcription of MCSO recommendation to allow Swinney release on pre-trial supervision

Editors Note: While the records public record, I am redacting small portions of information to prevent doxxing. Any edits from the original text will be noted in italics. Filed with…