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  • Court Wrap Up, January 8, 2021

    Court Wrap Up, January 8, 2021

    It’s been a long month since I last did one of these, and things have definitely been busy. Enough so that it’s been hard to parse everything that’s happened on a local basis. That said, let’s just dive right in. Civil Cases Starting at the top of our list of cases to watch are the […]

  • Bailey Stalking Order Upheld

    Bailey Stalking Order Upheld

    Editor’s Note: Scanned documents and audio files of the court hearings are at the bottom of the article In the background of the racial equality protests and white supremacy counter protests taking place in Downtown Portland and throughout the rest of the country and world are other stories that normally would seem mundane and unrelated. […]

  • Court Case Wrap-up, October 30

    Court Case Wrap-up, October 30

    A breakdown of new cases and updates on old cases that we’re actively watching.