Trial Livestreams


Stream Information for Trial Livestreams

Keep Chat Civil

Court cases that we livestream are often polarizing in the community, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil.

Don’t Argue With Mods

Chat moderators are empowered to temporarily or permanently mute people in the live chat. This is a privilege, not a right.

Chat Recording

The livestream will be saved on YouTube, which means chat messages will also be saved. Please use common sense on display names, and be mindful that others may reuse footage from streams in their own works.

Come Follow Along

The stream will be simulcast on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, and we will also have chat available at the Raindrop Works Discord. Feel free to like, subscribe and join in!

Anonymous Questions

If you need to ask a question about the process, but aren’t able to use chat, we have a direct, anonymous chat function available here, powered by Pure Chat.

Case Resources

Court Dockets and Media