A Word on Philadelpha

While I have lived in Portland for the last 8 years, I grew up in Pennsylvania. About an hour north of Philly just outside of Allentown. When I thought of the nearby large city, it was always Philly. My dad used to work there. I have a partner that lives there now. Even though my whole family moved away from the area when I graduated high school in 2000, it’s still where I grew up. I didn’t know the racial history of the area like I should have, and I don’t know if that was ignorance on my part, or because I was privileged to grow up in a 99% white area.

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Swinney Release Hearing Audio

I’ve already announced through Twitter/Mastodon, but I have obtained the audio transcript for the release hearing from Monday for Alan Swinney, where his release was denied. As these are public records, I’m making them available to the general public, in the original ‘For The Record’ player format as well as an MP3 that does not require any special tools.

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