20CV19618 – Ngo v. Rose City Antifa, Bolen, Hacker, Belyea, Evans, Allen


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Court Filings

DateFilingFiled ByInformation/Documents
6/23/2020Pro Hac ViceNgo[PDF]
6/23/2020Declaration (Pro Hac Vice - Dhillon)Ngo[PDF - Partial ID]
6/23/2020Declaration (Pro Hac Vice - Michael)Ngo[PDF - Partial ID]
7/8/2020Order (Pro Hac Vice - Dhillon)[PDF]
7/8/2020Order (Pro Hac Vice - Michael)[PDF]
8/21/2020Substitute ServiceNgo(Court records note person served was a 'non-party')
8/21/2020Affidavit of Declaration/MailingNgo[PDF - No ID]
8/26/2020ServiceNgo[PDF] (Court records note person served was a 'non-party')
8/28/2020Notice of Intent to Take Default (Hacker)Ngo[PDF]
8/28/2020Notice of Intent to Take Default (Bolen)Ngo[PDF]
8/28/2020Notice of Intent to Take Default (Belyea)Ngo[PDF]
9/1/2020Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel (Michael)Ngo[PDF]
9/3/2020ContinuanceNgo(Unable to serve Evans)
9/3/2020ContinuanceNgo[PDF - Partial ID] (Unable to serve Allen)
9/11/2020Notice of AppearanceHacker[PDF]
9/16/2020Order for Continuance[PDF] (For Evans and Allen)
9/16/2020Order for Continuance[PDF] (Hacker)
9/21/2020Special Motion to StrikeBolen[PDF]
9/21/2020Declaration in Support of Special Motion to StrikeBolen[PDF]
9/21/2020Declaration in Support of Motion to StrikeBolen[PDF] (Declaration filed by Burley)
10/5/2020Cross-Motion to StrikeNgo[PDF]
10/5/2020Memorandum of LawNgo[PDF]
10/5/2020Declaration in support of Opposition to Special Motion to StrikeNgo[PDF]
10/5/2020Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to StrikeNgo[PDF]
10/12/2020Order Appointing Judge to Case[PDF - No ID] (Judge Kathleen Dailey assigned as Motions Judge)
10/15/2020Reply in Support of Anti-SLAPP MotionBolen[PDF]
10/15/2020Response to Motion to Strike EvidenceBolen[PDF]
10/22/2020Reply in Support of Cross-Motion to StrikeNgo[PDF]
11/13/2020Motion for Approval of Alternate Means to Obtain Service of ProcessNgo
11/13/2020Declaration in Support of Motion for Continuance and Approval of Alternate Means to Obtain ServiceNgo(Alternate service on Evans and Allen)
11/13/2020(Proposed) Order Granting Motion for Approval of Alternate MeansNgo(Original order unsigned. Signed order recorded 12/23/2020)
11/16/2020Hearing[FTR ZIP - (See below for software requirements)] [MP3]
12/15/2020Opinion and Order[PDF]
12/23/2020Order Granting Approval of Alternate Means for Service of Process[PDF - ID version filed 11/13/2020]
3/8/2021Certificate[PDF] - Bolen filing appeal on denial of strike motion
3/8/2021Affidavit/Declaration PublicationNgoNewspaper publication service against Allen
3/8/2021Affidavit/Declaration PublicationNgo[PDF] - Newspaper publication service against Evans
3/8/2021Notice - AppealBolen[PDF] [TXT Unproofed]
3/17/2021CertificateBolen[PDF] [TXT - Unproofed] Amended Certificate
3/17/2021Notice - Judgement Entry[PDF] [TXT - Unproofed] Judgement denying motion to strike
3/18/2021Proof - ServiceNgo[PDF] Service against Rose City Antifa
4/6/2021Notice - AppealBolen[PDF] [TXT - Unproofed]

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