Struggles with Ben Smith Sentencing


We wanted to get this out in advance of Tuesday’s sentencing hearing for Benjamin Smith, the Normandale shooter who pled guilty last month. We do plan to run a livestream for the hearing, however, due to a refusal by Judge Marshall to allow us to use the livestream from the courthouse, and no helpful way to coordinate with whatever local media will be allowed to have a camera in the courtroom, we cannot show the audio or video from WebEx.

However, the connection information will be publicly accessible anyway, so it will be on the court staff to have to manage everyone connecting (as well as the masses of people who will want to be there in person). Our livestream will, instead, be a place where we can still talk about what is happening, even if the video is on another tab.

In Person

At the moment nothing from Judge Marshall’s office has given any information about how access for the public at the court house will be handled (those who remember the Alan Swinney trial may remember that Judge Mowad arranged for two dedicated galleries so that there was no risk of confrontations between Swinney’s supporters and detractors), so unless we hear something new, the hearing will be in Courtroom 9D of the main courthouse.


Those wishing to call in to the WebEx telephone system can call the following number: 503-388-9555 and use the following conference code: 146 822 2343.


For the rest of us who are going to be there online, the link to Judge Marshall’s WebEx is

I wish I was able to do more on this hearing, but my hands are pretty well tied.

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