Censored on X … what now?



Visit us on BlueSky while we navigate what happened on X

The short of it is … we’re not sure. We’ve been openly discussing a story that is still going through secondary research before writing about local conservative activist couple RealPDX. Jeff Church, half of the group, was caught out lying about prior criminal convictions which opened a huge can of worms including a conviction of receipt of child pornography.

It seems someone did not like the story being discussed, as last night, with no warning, notice, or chance to appeal, the Raindrop Works account was unceremoniously dumped. The first warning I had was my feed not loading, and an email stating my 2FA was turned off.

X claims that I still have access to my account, but my password doesn’t work, and password resets fail for an unknown reason.

Everything here points to suppression of an unpopular viewpoint, even if it is supported by evidence and documentation, which runs counter to Elon ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Musk’s stated ideals.

We are still trying to figure out how to get access to the account back, but the story that we’ve been working on is not being suppressed. In the meantime, we are spinning up our Bluesky account, that only wasn’t used because of the energy needed to maintain multiple social media profiles.

We’ll get through this, one way or another. And hope to see you all on the other side.

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